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Innovation in Motion – the new Fujikura 45S fusion splicer

In the world of telecommunications, where speed, reliability, and efficiency reign supreme, Fujikura stands as a true pioneer. With a legacy spanning over four decades, Fujikura has been at the forefront of the optical fiber splicing evolution, offering continuous innovative solutions and cutting-edge devices. The dedication to the quality and reliability of their splicing equipment makes them the top choice for professionals worldwide. The reputation of Fujikura has been built through a continuous innovation of devices that not only meet but exceed the most stringent industry standards.

We eagerly welcome the new Fujikura 45S splicer this year, succeeding the widely renowned FTTH 41S model.

The new 45S model improves efficiency by reducing the time required for the splicing procedure by approximately 30%, primarily by introducing simultaneous preparation of both fibers. The kit includes the new SS05 stripper model, enabling simultaneous removal of primary insulation from two fibers, instead of the traditional individual removal of each fiber, while the CT50 cleaver, with its new fiber holder, allows for efficient, simultaneous cutting of both fibers. The new fiber holder design enables synchronized placement of both fibers and their independent closure, as well as opening together with the WindProtector lid. The shrink tubing heat shrinking time has been reduced to 15 seconds from the previous 25. Another innovation introduced by the 45S is the extended electrode lifespan, now capable of 6000 splicing operations, up from the previous 5000.

As always, Fujikura strives to ease the daily activities of its users, making the design suitable for use in confined spaces, while the movable LCD touchscreen enhances visibility in conditions of stronger ambient lighting.

Fujikura’s mission goes beyond merely selling fusion splicing equipment. Their commitment to providing comprehensive support to their customers makes every Fujikura user loyal and assured that the next innovation will meet the everyday challenges of the telecommunications industry.

More info about the new splicer Fujikura 45S you can find on the link.


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