Maintenance and education

Our partnership with customers means much more than just selling the devices. Besides the local service in charge of device and equipment maintenance, you have all our expertise to help you use new devices properly and discover additional functionalities of devices you already use.


One of the critical conditions for successfully completing work is the equipment’s correctness. We know that proper maintenance and servicing of equipment is vital for reliability, and that’s why we emphasize providing all clients with adequate service for equipment from all manufacturers we represent in this market, whether within the warranty period or not.

In order to be closer to users and to be able to respond to all challenges in the shortest possible time, we are constantly developing a team of experienced experts and service technicians who can solve a large part of the problems at the local level. If a problem cannot be solved locally, we will do our best to deliver the device to the manufacturer’s service center as soon as possible, which will find an adequate solution very quickly.


During the calibration period, the manufacturer guarantees all the technical characteristics listed in the device specifications, which is a formal confirmation to clients that each purchased product has standard tested performance that meets their needs.

After the expiration of the calibration period, we enable you to check the technical characteristics, the fulfillment of the standards and the adjustment to the reference values within the limits defined by the technical specifications of the manufacturer. Depending on the type of equipment, these services are performed in the country or in the manufacturer’s laboratories, after which you will receive valid calibration certificates.


We make our decades of experience available to our clients in all situations, whether there is a challenge to be solved or infrastructure planning from the very beginning. Our multi-functional expert team that covers a large number of technologies does not only have an advisory function, but is focused on solving specific client problems, while a large number of successfully completed projects allows us to combine the best solutions, confirmed in practice.

A high level of expertise from several different domains enables us to provide concrete support to clients both at a high level, during the design and planning of the entire infrastructure, and at the level of each individual interface and service.


The experience of a large number of successfully managed implementations and a professional team of top engineers are at our clients’ disposal to ensure that the entire system functions as intended.

You can count on our support at every stage of implementation, starting with installation and configuration of equipment, through integration into the system, and all the way to acceptance tests and verification of the complete system. The best recommendation in the implementation domain is represented by our satisfied clients from various fields, from optical infrastructure monitoring to RF spectrum monitoring.

Professional Services

We make our expertise in various domains as well as decades of experience in working on many very complex projects available to all clients through various service packages that include everything from consultations to our experts on the ground who can perform even the most complicated tasks for you.

There are packages at your disposal that can include training and consulting, measurement services, rental of equipment, rental of entire systems, as well as the system audit, after which we issue conclusions with recommendations. Thanks to our considerable experience, we also provide support to distributors who operate in other markets, whether they are referred to us by equipment manufacturers or contact us themselves.

Training Academy

We strive to transfer our extensive experience working with many different types of devices and technologies to our clients to get the best possible results in their work. In addition to short training for proper use that our clients receive after purchasing any device, we provide more comprehensive and complex training intended for individuals and entire teams.

Depending on the client’s wishes, training can be organized live or online. For some frequently repeated topics, we can offer pre-recorded lectures with clearly visible examples from practice. For companies that work with specific technologies, we have created special support packages that, among other things, include appropriate training conducted semi-annually or annually. In addition, it should be emphasized that there are several different professional seminars that we organize on an annual basis.

Equipment Rental

A typical example in practice is that it is more profitable for companies working on individual projects to rent equipment and complete the work than to buy, maintain and calibrate the same equipment. In addition to the material aspect, the most common reason for renting equipment is short deadlines as well as a lack of expertise in using it.

That’s why we have developed several rental models. Apart from the equipment for certifying various devices or telco infrastructure, it is possible to get training for use, as well as our expert team, who can do the entire job independently with subsequent reporting or a certificate.

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We are available for any kind of support, like equipment procurement, repair, calibration, or expert consulting.

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