Become part of a team that has been enabling and accelerating the development of modern telecommunications and the digital transformation of our entire society for more than a quarter of a century.

Who we are and how we got here

Longevity is one of the greatest proofs of our success because we have constantly been developing and growing since 1996, thanks to planned and sustainable development, selection of business segments to focus on, but above all, thanks to dedicated work and commitment of all employees who make up Ibis Group today.

The main driver and the greatest strength of our company are the employees. With that in mind, we are constantly working on strengthening teams and improving education processes, motivating a passionate and innovative approach to solving challenges. For us, work is not an obligation but an opportunity to progress, learn and prove ourselves.

Why should you become part of the Ibis Instruments team

New times bring new challenges. That is why we must constantly improve and develop ourselves. In addition to a modern work environment and inspiring tasks, Ibis Solutions offers you the opportunity to progress daily by expanding your experience and knowledge base.

Continuous learning and development

Our goal is the development and progress of each employee because the team is as strong as its members. We encourage all employees to develop in the direction they want and to learn and share their knowledge with other colleagues. We are constantly investing in the development of new employee competencies so that our team can actively participate in creating the future.

Inspirational environment

A tradition of more than a quarter of a century provides us with credibility and stability in business. At the same time, the experience combined with the agile approach allows us to constantly move forward with innovations, looking at things differently and often creating even simpler and more elegant solutions. We always have places for both experienced and young professionals.

Challenging opportunities

Our job is to solve specific challenges and set new pillars for our clients' businesses. That is why we do not look at what we do only as a business but at creating new value. To maintain an innovative mindset, essential to creating an advanced way of doing business, we combine vast experience with a start-up mindset.

A career in line with your ambitions

The portfolio of jobs we deal with, as well as the technologies we use, are very wide, which enables not only vertical but also horizontal progress. We believe that our company is the ideal size, large enough to have room for advancement and small enough to deal with each employee's development.

Strong teams

Since we introduce innovations, we must always have an innovative approach. We ensure this by having each team of experienced engineers with many years of experience as well as young people who are always ready to review previous practices and bring innovations. All teams are guided by an agile approach and put efficiency first.

Supporting individuality

We nurture a culture of initiative, integrity and individuality in which honesty and transparency are most valued because our goal is not to work but to finish the job. We try to build a system that supports everyone and allows them to develop in their own way in the direction they want, at the same time supporting colleagues around us because we experience each other as a family.

Currently open positions

We will be happy to go through your CV. If it does not currently meet the requirement of open positions, we will save it for the future to keep you in mind when the position that suits you best appears. Due to time constraints, we will only contact shortlisted candidates.

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