We are a team of experienced professionals who reflect their expertise and energy upon you and your company, giving it what was missing to achieve all desired goals. Over 300 clients in 10 countries have co-operated with Ibis in the past 23 years, which speak more about us than ourselves.


In Ibis instruments we put our expertise in the function of your business success. In a time of rapid technology changes and high standards of communication systems, we are using the power of our knowledge, experience and commitment for achieving the highest levels of technological development, to convert them into functional solutions for all your needs. By ensuring maximum productivity with the most effective methods and the most profitable solutions, we are helping you to become a leader or to save leadership position, to be sure in the quality of service that you provide to your clients, and what is most important to make them happy and satisfied.


Knowing the business environment in the region and nurturing excellent partner relations with leading global companies in the industry, our strategy gradually and thoroughly addresses every aspect of cooperation with our clients, providing them with the best from the region and the world.




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The User agrees that Ibis Instruments has the full right to use personal contact information to contact the customer in order to notify the required products, services and all other inquiries and notices that are part of the Ibis Instruments operational activities, all in accordance with Ibis business policy Instruments.

The User may request Ibis Instruments solely in writing, deleting and/or updating the personal data submitted or part of the supplied personal data. Ibis Instruments, in case of partial deletion and/or updating of user data, reserves the right to completely erase all archived personal data about the user.

Ibis Instruments reserves the special right to archive and store personal data of users connected with previously performed services or any established business relations for the user's account.

IPI – An Innovative Big Data Solution

The advanced IPI analytics platform is based on Big Data technology and offers cloud solutions (CSP) that offer the ability to respond to two modules: Network analytics and Analytics for customer analysis. for the Docsis segment and the initial enhancement of the efficiency of the network operations centre, providing mobile tools for tracking fieldwork as well as the necessary Customer Support tools.

Industrial control systems – SCADA

Malicious attacks on industrial systems – including Industrial Control Systems (ICS) as well as SCADA – have increased significantly in recent years. As Stuxnet and BlackEnergy have shown attacks, an infected USB drive or one copy-phishing mail is all that the attackers need to bridge the air gap and penetrate into an isolated network. Traditional security is no longer sufficient to protect industrial environments from cyber threats. As threats focusing on critical infrastructure are increasing, choosing the right advisor and technology partner to secure your systems has never been more important.

ICT environment management

The solution of Ibis Instruments for consolidated monitoring and management of ICT environments will provide more efficient and agile IT operations and network management through prediction and problem prevention before users are affected, faster identification, isolation and problem solving, as well as the recognized capabilities to optimize your operations and reduction of costs.

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