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Customer care

To ensure the correct and highest quality use of equipment and systems, we strive to ensure that our clients are maximally educated at all times for adequately using these systems, which certainly leads to the best results in work.

We are available to clients at all times through basic or periodic training, help desk activities, as well as periodic thematic meetings, and for more accessible organization, we offer different levels of support within the system maintenance package.

Technical Support

The process of intensive technical support starts already during the delivery of devices and systems, because it is important to us that our clients use the equipment and systems in the right way from the start and thus obtain maximum results.

During the delivery or installation of the equipment, it is understood that our experts will be at the service of each client to explain all the functionalities of the device. After that, it is possible to organize additional trainings for individuals and teams, after which we issue certificates recognized by all investors. In extreme cases, we are also there for urgent support in terms of calls from the field, which will be answered by our technical and service teams and help clients to bring systems or equipment to regular function in the shortest possible time.

Instruments Care Support plan

For clients who need accelerated exploitation of equipment, i.e. very intensive use during projects, where it is very important that the equipment is reliable at all times, we offer the possibility of extending the warranty period as well as additional training for specific functions of the device.

Additional support packages are available to clients that allow them to outsource equipment maintenance to us. In addition to the extended warranty and additional training, these packages include all regular services with equipment certification, additional repro material as well as replacement devices in case the basic devices break down or need regular service.

Software downloads + updates

In order for devices and systems to function properly, they need periodic updates of new software. With new versions of the software, new functionalities are obtained, the use of the hardware of the equipment itself is optimized, but the existing system is supplemented with new standards that have been prescribed in the meantime. It is usual for regular updates to be done twice a year.

We provide clients with all the necessary updates for all equipment from our portfolio, in accordance with the vendor’s delivery policy, as well as all the necessary support during the update. Our technical teams are always at your disposal in case you need support during the installation of the latest version of the software on your existing equipment.

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We are available for any kind of support, like equipment procurement, repair, calibration, or expert consulting.

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