Learning in our company never stops, we constantly organize professional internships for students throughout the year. We cooperate with technical faculties, and this time the students from Singidunum University came to practice. Before the selection, we showed students our company, introduced them to our portfolio and made an effort to feel what a working day in Ibis looks like. After that, there was a little harder part, selection, HR, and technical interview, in which everyone did great and made our decision difficult. We only had three open positions for Data Science interns. Petar, Dejan and Vasilije became part of our team.

We tried to do an internship at our offices, but as soon as we started, we had to switch to work from home. The mentor played a key role in this situation, provided support, helped with the adaptation to the new environment, as well as the realization of all activities. With the support of all colleagues, they overcame the challenge of working from home. They actively participated in projects and read literature even at night.

And now, their impressions about us you can read below.

“During my practice at Ibis instruments, on the position of Data Scientist, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the company’s projects, the technologies used and the way of working in the industry. Although due to the COVID situation the practice was done from home, the mentor and others from the Software Development team and HR tried to be always available, and answered all my questions in a short time. The internship lasted 3 months, where the first month was training, while the remaining two I worked on a project that included: data introduction, data processing, training and model selection and implementation of the selected model in an existing application. For me, the internship at Ibis was a pleasant and rewarding experience. ”



“The internship at Ibis Instruments enabled me to gain my first work experience in the profession. Thanks to a great mentor, I mastered several new technologies and experienced what teamwork looks like. I was part of a very interesting and useful project for three months I spent in the company and met a large number of experts, both from mine and from other fields. In addition to all the new knowledge closely related to the profession, I also learned to work better with others and how to best organize my time to achieve as much as possible. “




The selection process consisted of technical tasks covering the areas of probability and statistics, machine learning and knowledge of the R programming language, as well as an interview consisting of an interview with HR and a technical interview with the head of the software team. The paid internship lasted 3 months and I would divide it into training and project development. The training included daily work with a mentor, learning the necessary packages and tools, as well as tasks and mini projects that I needed to do and present to other team members.

After the training, I got a project that I needed to do until the end of the internship. In this phase of the internship, more independent work was expected, which was directed and supervised by the mentor and the team leader. The project I received was related to the retail industry and it was very interesting and challenging for me to solve a problem in an area in which I had no prior knowledge. I am glad that, with the help of a mentor, I managed to complete the project on time and go through the whole process from data collection to creating the finished product.

During the internship, I got to know the R programming language in more detail (more precisely, the tidyverse way of coding). In addition, I created a Shiny (R’s web framework) application for the needs of the project. At the end of each month of internship I was evaluated by a mentor, team leader and HR team member. At the evaluations, I was able to express my impressions and point out possible problems. I am happy that I remained part of the IBIS team (which I hope will continue to grow) even after the internship expired. I certainly think that the internship has enabled other practitioners to gain new knowledge and experience that will help them in further development.

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