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Ibis Instruments supported RATEL in creating the Portal for displaying the mobile network coverage map

The Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL) as a central state agency dealing with the regulation of the telecommunications market, in cooperation with ATDI and its representative Ibis Instruments, has developed a Portal for displaying mobile network coverage maps. This Portal has the ability to display the coverage of mobile networks of all operators as well as all technologies currently in use, and the results can be tracked in different time frames.

“We are very glad that RATEL has recognized Ibis Instruments as a partner that can perform in the best way the implementation and optimization of tools, crucial for the success of this complex project. As a company that has been operating as a market leader in Serbia and the region for 25 years in the field of ICT measurement equipment, from the very beginning we were part of the evolution of the Telco segment, which is the driver of digital transformation of our society. That is why it is very important to maintain the fair competition as a healthy basis for the development of telecommunications infrastructure, which is one of the essential goals of the project of creating an independent Portal to display maps of mobile network coverage, “said Srđan Matić, Director of Testing and Measurement Equipment and Systems at Ibis Instruments.

Portal and coverage maps are the product of processing certain data sets obtained from mobile operators who, using radio network planning tools, i.e., an optimized prediction model in tandem with a digital terrain model and land type data, make appropriate coverage prediction maps.

Creating a Portal is very important because it contributes to transparency in the domain of signal coverage of mobile networks, of which the biggest benefit have end-users who can now compare the level of coverage of different operators for a particular geographical location. Also, this comparison allows operators to see where there is room for improvement and strengthen their network to provide users with an even better user experience.


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