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Fusion splicing machines

Fusion splicer is the main piece of equipment for splicing optical fibers used in telecommunications. The quality of splice is reflected in attenuation it introduces, and that depends, to a large extent, on fiber preparation before splicing and their alignment during splicing. Modern splicers, in addition to production of low-loss splices, additionally have automatic mechanisms that reduce number of required manual actions in splicing process and consequently improve efficiency.

We differentiate FTTH splicers, core-to-core splicers and ribbon splicers.
Modern FTTH splicers are small in size and weight and have movable V-grooves that allow active clading alignment of fibers.
In addition to moving V-grooves, core-to-core splicers have better quality optics with better resolution, magnification and focusing capability, which allows the core of one fiber to be aligned with the core of another. They also have the ability to automatically recognize the fiber types and accordingly adjust the splicing parameters. In this way, the highest quality splices are achieved.
Ribbon splicers allow simultaneous splicing of multiple fibers in ribbon cables.

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