With the Panasonic Group’s transition to a holding company system, Panasonic Connect Europe GmbH, which leads the B2B solutions business, is newly established. In order to respond to the ever-changing market environment, they are transforming their organization to enable rapid decision-making and further enhance their competitiveness, to better help innovate processes in their customers’ operating sites.

The company name change reflects the goal to “connect” their customers’ operations to a better future. By connecting their specialized hardware with the latest technologies such as process management software, IoT, and AI, and using the knowledge and expertise cultivated in their long history of manufacturing to provide advanced services, they will create value for their customers and provide solutions to their challenges.

Panasonic Connect Europe consist of the following business units:

  • The Mobile Solutions Business Division
  • The Media Entertainment Business Division
  • Business and Industry Solutions
  • Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe sells a wide range of smart factory solutions

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