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Ibis Instruments at the eSecurity conference

The second international eSecurity conference was held from 25 to 27 April at the Crowne Plaza in Belgrade. The conference was organized by the Association of eSecurity. The event attracted many professionals, from home and abroad in the field of ICT, information security, digital forensics, IT audit and IT risk management, and one of the sponsors of the conference was the company IBIS INSTRUMENTS.

The main topics of the lectures were dedicated to cybersecurity and the protection of companies and individuals.In addition, the conference dealt with other important topics such as GDPR, IoT, RF, the blockchain, cryptocurrency.

In front of the Ibis Instruments company, Predrag Skundric held a presentation on the theme “Beyond SOC incident by Ibis Instruments”. The presentation covers an implementation of safety management centre (SOC) within the organization.For the implementation of the centre, as a model was used IBM technology based on IBM QRadar and the Platform Control Desk.The presentation also covered all aspects of the operation of SOC including their mutual integration, management all processes within the SOC, and design with all infrastructure elements. Besides technology, presentation covers part related to human resources management and escalation processes in case of incidents reported.


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