Viavi Solutions Inc. (VIAVI) (NASDAQ: VIAV) on February 17, 2020 launched OneAdvisor, a brand-new instrument platform designed to address the evolving requirements of communication service providers, their field technicians and their contractors. As 5G becomes more ubiquitous in 2020 onward, network operators are aggressively scaling and commercializing this technology using large workforces of technicians or contractors to install and activate tens of thousands of cell sites. The first OneAdvisor solution, ONA-800, provides the essential combination of technology coverage, test features, and test process automation to facilitate this aggressive network deployment.

The VIAVI ONA-800 allows cell site technicians to test fiber, RF, and CPRI/Ethernet from a single instrument, replacing multiple independent tools (OTDR, CAA, Fiber Scope) and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership for service providers and contractors. The workflow UI in the instrument carefully guides technicians, internal or external, through a pre-configured common test process, making sure that everyone completes the job in the same way and to the same specifications. The ONA-800 is supported by reporting and workflow software to automate job certification reports so contractors and technicians can rapidly close out jobs and move to the next one.

OneAdvisor ONA-800 (showing Cable and Antenna Analyzer module)


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