Ibis Instruments is the first IBM partner who achieved two Service Competencies for Banking and Financial Services and Application Modernization. We made this accomplishment thanks to our long-standing partnership with IBM, which lasts more than 16 years.

With our team of 40 dedicated IBM specialists, we are ready to help clients meet different demands. In the past 24 years, we have helped some of the largest companies in our region to embrace digital transformation and help them to thrive by anticipating trends, predicting disruption and driving innovation. We are looking forward to continuing to work with IBM and showcasing our experience on new projects yet to come in the future.

Competency name Solution Description
Service – Application modernization Enables telco providers to efficiently manage the end-to-end order life cycle for complex product offerings, across lines-of-business and order-entry channels like web, call center, store, mobile, B2B.
Service – Banking and Financial Services Service included the implementation of elastic, open box solution which helps bank to comply to the PSD2 regulation and matching local regulation on the National Bank and other bodies.

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