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The 5th Installers Day hosted by Ibis Instruments

In the picturesque setting of Košutnjak, one of Belgrade’s most beautiful areas, the 5th annual Installers Day took place at the Devetka restaurant. This now-traditional event brought together over 70 installers from across the region. The event was organized by Ibis Instruments, with support from key industry players Viavi Solutions, Fujikura, and Trend Technologies.

The first part of the gathering featured formal presentations where attendees could learn about the latest trends in test and measurement equipment. Speakers from Ibis Instruments, Viavi Solutions, Fujikura, and Trend Technologies introduced new functionalities designed to improve splicing quality and optimize optical networks. Special emphasis was placed on Viavi Solutions’ innovations, including the latest advancements in RF simulation and forensic signal analysis.

A highlight of the event was the traditional splicing competition, which saw 16 teams, each represented by one participant, go head-to-head. The dynamic duels through two qualifying rounds and the final round showcased the competitive spirit of the professionals present. The intense focus of the participants and the supportive team cheering made the competition incredibly exciting.

Strahinja Vasiljević from Supernova emerged as the winner of the competition, taking home a Fujikura 45S splicer. Lazar Sredojević from KBV Datacom secured second place and was awarded a Fujikura SS03 stripper, while third place went to Aleksandar Daničić from Technical Security Systems, who received a Fujikura CT-08 cleaver. The competition was judged by experts from Telekom, SBB, and Ibis Instruments, who also shared their insights and expertise with the attendees afterwards.

Following the competition, the event continued with a more informal lunch, allowing for further networking and the sharing of interesting field stories. This gathering once again demonstrated the importance of such events for enhancing skills and knowledge, as well as for connecting professionals across different sectors of the industry. We extend our gratitude to all participants and partners for their support and look forward to future gatherings.


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