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Team Building at the top of the Olympic Mountain

Whichever company you work for, the situation is the same. The most awaited and most prepared event is definitely the Team Building. Thus, in our company, the preparations for Team Building started three months earlier and the details of the organization became a favorite topic for a story in the hallways and at the beginning of almost every meeting.

This year’s choice of location fell on Jahorina, the Olympic mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to its famous natural beauties, but also due to the desire to mark the new status of the Ibis Group branch in BiH, which has become a separate company within our group. Of the many hotels that make up the diverse offer of this famous tourist center, we decided on the hotel Lavina, as an ideal combination of opportunities for sports and leisure, rest and relaxation, but also night entertainment, which turned out to be a great choice.

During the day, colleagues divided into teams competed in special games that were not based on pure physical strength but on skill and tactics. Random selection of competitors within the teams enabled further rapprochement of colleagues who often do not have the opportunity to cooperate directly during regular work activities. The competitive spirit among the teams flashed the moment the games started, so the colleagues within the teams helped each other and complemented each other until the very end with the goal of winning the cup or at least one of the medals. The tense atmosphere lasted until the winners were announced after lunch.

After the games and the award ceremony, despite the dark clouds announcing the spring rain, several teams with more strength and adrenaline went on a hiking or ATV tour intending to conquer the Mountain top of Ogorjelica, which is located at 1916 meters. However, luck served them with the weather, so they managed to climb and return relatively dry and with great photos.

It wasn’t less attractive at the parties that were organized after dinner on both evenings of our stay. The atmosphere was further warmed by the performance of live musicians who sang well-known hits from some ancient times that we all fondly remember. However, the party culminated in a demonstration of the talent of our colleagues and associates, who showed that they do not lag behind professional musicians, to whom they even managed to provide an additional tip.

The return itself took place in a more or less expected mood. A bus ride in which half the people slept, exhausted from the number of excellent activities. The other half summed up their impressions and drew conclusions about what could be even better next time. In any case, we all agree in the statement that we will easily organize only if the situation allows us to do so, or in other words, that all the challenges we have gone through so far are definitely behind us.


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