After the previous year and a half, which were very challenging and during which we all mostly worked from home, the summer brought nice weather and the opportunity for all of us to finally gather for socializing, which has been characteristic of Ibis so far. Apart from the fact that we have not been together for a long time, this year is also characterized by the fact that we are celebrating 25 years of the Ibis Group, which additionally warms up the atmosphere.

The weather conditions were excellent, so we spent an ideal summer day on the beach of one of the lakes in Bela Crkva. Colleagues from Ibis Instruments together with colleagues from Ibis Solutions, from all countries of the region in which we are present, starting from Serbia through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia to Slovenia, were randomly divided into teams and participated in interesting games aimed at to develop a new dimension of teamwork and teach participants new skills, so in addition to disciplines such as rowing, mountaineering, airsoft shooting, there were also disciplines that required adroitness, analytical thinking and team spirit, such as deactivating a bomb like on Escape Room games and crossing a minefield using available items.

Since the main theme of this year’s Team Building was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the company, we tried to remember what all these beautiful things marked 1996, the year when the Ibis Group was founded. That’s how T-shirts with pictures of Nicolas Cage receiving the first Oscar, the Java logo, ICQ, and Voodoo graphics cards that appeared at the time, the Dolly sheep that was cloned at the time, the Ericsson 628 – the cult mobile phone that was then launched as and many other achievements that marked that year.

After the announcement of the winner and the award ceremony, we continued swimming and socializing on the beach, and then went to Silver Lake, where after a somewhat more formal dinner, the absolutely informal party we all wanted and waited for continued.

Moments like this when the whole team gathers and spends a day or two together in a good time are invaluable and we can talk about them until the next gathering. This is what we call Ibis culture and nurture and why we look more like a big family than an IT company.

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