Enable process flexibility, automation and continual improvement

Ibis Instruments offerings for Enterprise Integrations and Business process Management will enable your environment to be ever-changing with high level of flexibility and adaptability to support business needs and efficient business processes to support faster time to market for products and services. It will properly support business innovation to gain competitive edge on the demanding market today.

Enterprise Integrations solutions enables you to integrate data and applications across your entire enterprise regardless of platform, protocol or data format. By nurturing Service Oriented Architecture principles, Ibis Instruments offering for Enterprise Integrations reduces the complexity of integrating applications and services, increases your business agility and reduces costs with a fast and flexible application integration solution that eliminates point-to-point connectivity. It enables development of new business services opportunities without impact to your current IT environment and enables you to focus on your core business initiatives instead of IT maintenance.

Business Process Management solutions improve visibility and control of your business processes and meet demands of your customers for consistency and convenience. Ibis Instruments offering for Business Process Management will enable automation, optimization and continual improvement of your business processes. It breaks down functional silos in the organization and makes your business processes which combine people with technology effective and efficient to provide faster time to value. Decisions are part of day-to-day business operations and happen in real time as business interactions are being executed. They control the next step of the business process or deliver the final process outcome. Embedding business policies and automated decisions into software systems leads to their difficult maintenance and adaption especially as the relationship between business and IT frequently involves miscommunication, misunderstanding and frustration. Ibis Instruments offering for Business Rules Management enables higher level of agility to be implemented business processes by extraction of the decision-making logic from wherever it resides to centralized library and its automation. Business rules are then available to business people for change and update in business context to adapt efficiently to business needs, without need for direct involvement of IT department. Business Process Management enables implementation of several different business processes in different industries supported by enterprise integrations and business rules management. Catalog -driven Order Handling process represents an example of complex business process spanning across multiple different business units and systems and is fully implemented through Business Process Management solution and Enterprise Product Catalog.

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