Use RPA to automate Work From Home evidence and regular daily health screening surveys

UiPath special offer of RPA licences during global health crisis


Times of crisis are tough, people and companies have to act quickly and comply with ever changing new policies and regulations, but often are those the times of unique opportunities. With RPA your company has a chance for a fast response with minimum efforts and resources – be prepared when the moment has arrived


Licence for health survey robot for everyone!!!

In addition until September 30, we are offering free licenses to hospitals and public sector institutions tackling the spread of COVID-19 and who are involved in managing the ensuing crisis in Serbia, Macedonia and BiH. For everyone else standard 60 days trial is available for non production workload.”


Your bot can be made to suit all your specific needs and IBIS has expert consultants to offer you as supoort to make it quick and efficient. For changes that are mere parametrisation of default code made by UiPath our consulting services are free of charge

Work From Home & HEALTH SURVEY case

UiPath has developed an easy and fast deploying bot that can be used as PoC for any company still hasitating to use robots in their daily business – IBIS has tried it in our HR and made a tutorial for you to follow several easy steps and try it in your company

Work From Home and health screeening bot

CUSTOMER: Ibis Instruments



After announcing goverment measures for reducing movements and social interaction Ibis instruments decided to switch to remote working mode with only several people still visiting offices when there is something important to do on premise. HR has been strugling since then to keep track of employees whereabouts during working week as well as to gather information on their health status concerning pandemic environment, and neither one solution seemed efficient enough.


The UiPath robot sends Microsoft form of a questionnaire to predefined list of contacts and after they submit fulfilled form robot gathers data and makes daily and weekly reports on employee mode of working and health status.

Mass deploy survey with ease

Degree of robotization: 90% of effort automated

Cost: parametrisation is free of charge

Error rate reduced to 0%

Manual effort reduction to 0%

Faster processing time reduction of 70%

Upgrade possibility at low cost

The concept is simple: software "robot" replicates routine human-computer interactions, automating what would otherwise be tedious, repetitive tasks of HR people in this case

Steps for implementation

  1. Define questionnaire according to your needs
  2. Configure bot following tutorial (linked)
  3. Apply for Ibis consulting (if needed)
  4. Deploy your bot within few days

Preconditions for a company to implement a bot:

WhatsApp local client
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Preconfig Microsoft Form (

Preconditions for engaging Ibis consultant:

Remote support: Microsoft Teams or any other collaborative tool that organisation is supporting Hands-on support: vpn acces

  • Your email
  • Work arrangement
    • – Work from home
    • – Work from office
    • – Customer site
    • – Other
  • Ibis Instruments Office Location
    • – Belgrade
    • – Banja Luka
    • – Skoplje
    • – Bucharest
  • Do you have any respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat)?
    • – No
    • – Yes. Please do not enter the office and go to see a doctor instead.
  • Have you been in contact with any persons confirmed with Covid-19?
    • – No
    • – Yes
  • Please enter your temperature recorded (scale from 36 – 40)
  • How are you feeling? (scale from 1-5)

UiPath's RPA Platform includes:

Employee message notification

Daily bot is sending viber/whatsapp messages to your predefined list of contacts with a survey that should be full filled. Notifications are sent hourly several times a day, or otherwise if you programme it to do so, in order to get as many fulfilled surveys as possible

Non-respondant report

After programming the pace of notifications and bot deploy you will recieve periodicaly the nonrespondant report that will serve as a new predefined list for a next set of notifications for all of those that still didn’t fulfill the survey

Results report (daily/weekly)

Every day after all the repeated notifications are ran, you will receive a report on daily results that will automatically fill in the data for weekly report on the survey results in a way that it always shows the statistics for the last seven days

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