Secure the quality of the service by reducing the complexity and costs

Our solution enables quick identification, isolation and problem solving before affecting your business services. Consolidation of Availability and Performance Monitoring provides insight into the health of your network and business services. The solution of Ibis Instruments for consolidated monitoring and management of ICT environments will provide more efficient and agile IT operations and network management through prediction and problem prevention before users are affected, faster identification, isolation and problem solving, as well as the recognized capabilities to optimize your operations and reduction of costs.

Consolidated Event Management solution that enables consolidated event management from business infrastructure, data centers, complex networks and real-time IT domain. The solution helps to increase efficiency and speed while solving the problem by consolidating network and IT operations into a unique management solution. The solution helps reduce the time needed to solve the problem, enabling operators to run automated scripts to solve predictable repetitive problems, help identify the most critical problems, and automate isolation and resolution using flexible agents for the collection of business and technology events in close-up real time.

The consolidated Performance Management solution enables the management of network and application performance in wireless, wireline and convergent networks. This scalable, flexible system enables CSPs and businesses to manage the performance of applications and networks as local (IP networks), as well as fixed and mobile networks. The solution supports multivendor, multi-technology networks, and provides greater visibility for complete network performance.

The Configuration Management solution provides automated configuration management and network changes, end-point management, and mobile device management. The solution includes polish-based configuration tools to ensure configuration compliance with internal and global rules, regulations, and configuration policies.

Business Service Management rešenje za nadgledanje poslovnih servisa praćenjem ciljeva biznisa i tehnološke infrastrukture. Rešenje prikazuje operativni status servisa korišćenjem izveštaja, scorecard-ova i dashboard-a obezbeđujući brzu analizu podataka. Business Service Management rešenje vam omogućava praćenje SLA parametara servisa sa ciljem postizanja efektivnijeg upravljanja servisima.

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