Ibis Instruments also offers service for vendors equipment (VIAVI, Microsemi, Fujikura, Narda, ATDI, Teoco, Keysight), whether it is in the warranty or non-warranty period at the time of service. Responses to different types of challenges can be provided by professional and experienced local experts who are an integral part of our team, while all major problems are addressed in the service centres of the manufacturers themselves, which Ibis Instruments has access through partnerships with its principals.

For the duration of the calibration period, the manufacturer guarantees for all the technical characteristics specified in the specifications of the device, which gives additional confidence to each client and assures him that each purchased product has standard tested performance that meets its needs. After the expiration of the calibration period, Ibis Instruments offers the services of checking technical characteristics, compliance with standards and adjustments to the reference values ​​within the limits defined by the manufacturer’s technical specifications. Depending on the type of equipment, these services are performed in the country or by the manufacturer’s labs, after which valid calibration certificates are obtained.

The service is located at the headquarters of Ibis Instruments in Belgrade, ul. Tošin bunar 272, working time from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00, and you can contact us by email at support@ibis-instruments.com or by phone at +381 (0) 11 / 715-2- 200.

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