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Second Ibis Seminar Slovenia – Embracing new trends in the test and measurement industry

The second Ibis Seminar was held in Ljubljana on Thursday, March 14th. It brought together experts from industry, telecommunications, energy, and science on one side and representatives of leading international companies in the field of testing and measurement equipment on the other. Throughout this full-day event, which covered a wide range of topics specific to this market, participants had the opportunity to see the latest solutions and learn about their capabilities from eminent global speakers.

Significant topics were discussed during the Seminar, such as managing EMF impact on the general population with a focus on 5G, precision time scale systems, cyber security solutions for protecting critical data and services, and the latest trends in spectrum monitoring software. In addition to theoretical presentations, Ibis Instruments, with its vendors’ assistance, provided many demo devices, allowing participants to see firsthand the benefits they bring to their daily work.

One of the interesting innovations presented by Viavi Solutions at this year’s Seminar is the “Acoustic” optical infrastructure monitoring system. This system, designed to protect critical infrastructure, primarily telco operators and companies in the energy sector, successfully implemented acoustic sensors and advanced AI-based analytics software into optical cable ducts. This enables real-time monitoring of events near the ducts, even several meters underground. By monitoring and comparing signals, the system identifies the type of activity and its location, immediately triggering an alarm at the monitoring center so operators know whether a vehicle or person passing or someone digging threatens to endanger the duct.

As always, Ibis Instruments brought together experts from the most significant global companies at the Seminar, such as Viavi Solutions, Panasonic Connect, Microchip, Keysight Technologies, Wavecontrol, ATDI, who further elevated the Seminar with their presence, presentations, and demonstrations, providing visitors with an interactive introduction to new solutions. This year’s novelties included Dedrone and Advantech, which joined the Seminar and enriched it in their respective domains.

“In addition to the Seminar in Serbia, which is aimed at the regional audience and covers a wide range of topics, we have started organizing special seminars for each market, focusing on the specificities of those markets, primarily in technological terms. So far, we have successfully conducted several seminars in Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we plan to expand this educational model to Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, and beyond,” emphasized Bojan Nikolić, Sales Director of Ibis Instruments.


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