Data Science Conference is the first open conference dedicated to the science of data that is organized in Serbia. The conference was designed as a meeting place for Data Science professionals, but also for all those interested in this area, or for those who are just beginning to deal with the data.

The second Data Science Conference was held in Belgrade on 11th and 12th October 2016 and brought together over 220 participants who had the opportunity to hear more than 20 speakers and Data Science professionals from the country and the region. In front of Ibis Instruments company as a partner of this important conference, the first day of Big Data session presentation “Ibis Performance Insights – Big Data in action” was held by Milan Simaković, Technical Specialist in Ibis Instruments.

During the two days, visitors had the opportunity to hear many interesting lectures on big data analytics and machine learning. The organizer of the Conference is Institute of modern sciences – non-profit association dedicated to education and promotion of modern technologies.

Ibis Performance Insights – Big Data in action – Milan Simakovic

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