Cloud adoption has transformed not only the profile of IT resources within organizations but also the face of the technology buyer. The cloud’s self-service capabilities allow it to triumph over traditional IT. However, these same attributes also promote solution adoption led by lines of business (LOBs), unsanctioned by the IT department. The resulting shadow IT has magnified cloud and hybrid IT sprawl — leading to even more inefficiency and complexity.

Saving with cloud brokerage solutions

What was once the centralized responsibility of the IT department has now become a collaborative effort between IT and LOB departments. Unsanctioned adoption of cloud solutions by LOBs — especially software-as-a-service applications like customer relationship management, marketing cloud and e-commerce — has grown over the past few years. While this empowers LOB users to make faster and more informed decisions, it complicates IT environments. Now, with the help of cloud brokerage solutions, IT departments can regain control over IT purchasing and return to sanctioned cloud adoption.

Despite the initial cost of adopting a cloud brokerage solution, the savings far outweigh the initial investment. Cost management tools with built-in analytics — such as IBM’s Cost and Asset Management solution — can evaluate entire IT environments, including cloud and on-premises, to measure efficiency and cost across individual solutions and IT environments.

This empowers the IT department to make data-driven recommendations on which solutions to continue using, which to update and ultimately which to stop funding. Therefore, investing in cloud brokerage solutions is crucial to optimizing IT spending and solution value.

Empowering IT departments

The role of IT is changing. By adopting cloud brokerage solutions, IT departments can to evolve from pure cost centers to internal service brokers. This enables them to regain control over IT and cloud purchasing. According to the chart below, by the spring of 2018, it is expected that over half of enterprises will have adopted one or more cloud brokerage solutions.

Enterprises that adopt brokerage and cost management tools and services for cloud realize widespread benefits. This includes improvement to technology optimization and cost profiles so that the savings can be funneled back into the business for additional cloud and IT projects.

These solutions also help end users align departmental initiatives and goals. With that ability, they’re better poised to adjust cloud spending to mirror the original budget for their project or workload.

To learn more about how organizations can control cloud spending, watch our webinar “Combat Rising Cloud Costs With Cognitive Insights.”

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