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Virtual Network Testing

A platform for testing and measuring new virtual and hybrid networks that monitors and ensures network performance and verifies SLA (up to L4). Virtual probes form the basis of the solution by providing test functionality across different network layers by measuring performance, throughput, and evaluating network quality using verified industrial technologies. The main tasks of this platform are to run automated tests with the help of probes arranged in the network, then monitor the live services TWAMP and Y.1731, verify the quality of the network with the help of standardized Y.1564, RFC2544, RFC6349 tests.

Except from the transport layers, active monitoring is increasingly necessary on the application part of the network. The big challenges come from the applications we use every day – communication platforms (Skype, MS Teams, Zoom, …), video streaming, classic VoIP services, etc. For that reason, service providers need a simple, reliable way to continuously verify network performance and ensure hassle-free application delivery.

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