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SmartOTDR is a portable field device for OTDR measurements on singlemode (SM) optical fibers with dynamic ranges up to 40/40 / 41dB at 1310/1550 / filtered 1650nm wavelength.

The instrument has a simple mode that allows you to start measurements with minimal settings, as well as an expert mode that allows measurements with advanced manual settings of many parameters.

The instrument has ability to simplify OTDR trace and detected eventsby using icons, which gives a clear and simple interpretation of results. Switching to the standard OTDR trace view in order to recheck the measurement and interpret of events is quick and easy, on one button press.

The instrument has a optional tailored PON OTDR mode for the detection of all events on the fiber link before and after the splitter, as well as the ability to automatically estimate present splitter up to 1/128.

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