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IP Emulation & Stress testing

The main task of these platforms is to generate traffic scenarios for testing NE before commissioning. The devices offer complete network and application testing covering all network layers from L2 to L7. They support traffic generation and analysis up to L2 / 3, emulation of high performance routing / bridging protocols, as well as traffic generation, measurement of key performance indicators and QoE parameters for each application on L4 – 7 layers and user emulation.

The idea of the solution is to reduce testing time with a protocol configuration based on visual topology and comprehensive analytics with detailed and learned information. It provides a reliable way to identify network and application challenges in the laboratory before field application and to present real traffic-generated conditions. The solution helps optimize SLA parameters by analyzing the impact of new rollouts and subscriber growth on existing services. Pre-defined templates that deal with typical use cases and comprehensive analytics for faster real-time error and QoE insight reduce test time and learning curves.

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