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New Ibis Instruments Office in Slovenia

On July 20th, Ibis Instruments opened a new office in Ljubljana, thus providing current and future clients with a professional team that will be dedicated only to the Slovenian market.

The focus of Ibis Instruments in Slovenia will be the positioning of test and measuring equipment of leading vendors, and the head of the office is Romana Juvančič, an experienced business advisor in the field of test and measuring equipment, with extensive knowledge of the Slovenian market.

Ibis Instruments is a private company, founded in Belgrade in 1996 and provides services to over 300 satisfied clients in more than 10 countries. Together with the world’s leading vendors, it delivers and develops innovative solutions for a variety of industries, from telecommunications and banking to business and government clients.

Ibis instruments has more than 100 employees, 80% of which are engineers, and the quality of services provided is ensured by standards: ISO 9001, ISO 27000 and ISO 20000-1, as well as partner certificates that give consent to the general procedures of the manufacturer.


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