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Membership of Ibis Instruments in NALED

Among many organizations dealing with economic issues in Serbia, the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) has been especially emphasized for years, and from January 2020 Ibis Instruments has become a member of this organization. We are proud of this membership and we hope that as a company we will contribute to promoting ideas and solving problems and obstacles in economic development and to support the country in implementing reforms.

NALED influences change by mediating and facilitating expert dialogue between key players in society, supporting the Government in designing and implementing public policies, and monitoring the implementation of public policies to improve the business environment. In addition to these three key functions, NALED also recognizes important topics and puts them on the agenda, keeps them current, and opens discussions about them. Some of the topics that NALED has successfully launched so far are: electronic building permits, cadastre reform, para-fiscal levies, gray economy, electronic registration of seasonal workers. NALED also works to promote and legitimize new ideas and ways of working with the general public through campaigns and media releases.


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