Thanks to quality that we are delivering, cooperation with leading vendors in the field of test and measurements, and that we are always up to date with latest technology trends, our instruments will meet all client expectations, which is why we are regional leaders in this field. 

Masurement in Optical Networks

Optical networks with its performance enabling high-quality transmission of high speeds. The last 20 years have seen a rapid development in the field of optical telecommunications, leading to price cuts of active and passive equipment. Therefore, the optical networks are finding application from data center networks through access to transport networks. To properly install and maintain the fiber optics network it is necessary to have quality instruments.

Measurement in Wireless Networks

The need for more and more bandwidth and business and technology complexities puts tremendous pressure under wireless service provider to be able to offer new value-added services and deliver a differentiated customer experience, while reducing operational costs

Metro & Access Network

Operators and service providers (Telco, ISP…) provide end users wide spectrum of services with high data rates, such as Triple Play services (data, video, and VoIP). For those services it is necessary that access networks meet the many challenges that place them in front of customer’s requirements. In addition, various transmission media (copper twisted pair, fiber…) and implemented technologies (xDSL, FTTx…) have their advantages and disadvantages and it is necessary to have the proper tools that can test as transfer medium, and the services.

Measurement in Coaxial Networks

Triple Play and additional multimedia services distribution using a hybrid optical‐coaxial (HFC) network, requires a highly reliable and available network in all segments, particularly in the upstream part. Therefore, the use of appropriate test equipment and applications is one of the key links to improve the quality of the whole system, which will point to events that must be addressed.

Instruments for General Purpose

General-purpose instruments are used to test equipment and components, as well as to measure the basic parameters, such as voltage, resistance, current, power, frequency, time … For each measurement that is made, it is necessary to have certainty that this measurement is precise and accurate. Before any service is allowed into a production environment, it is necessary to perform testing in laboratory conditions where the emulation of thousands of users will be carried out in order to gain a realistic impression of the quality of this service.

Avionics & Radio Test Sets

Avionics test equipment is used to support the development, production, testing and maintenance of electronic systems on airplanes and helicopters. The equipment provides the ability to test ADS-B systems, check DME equipment, ILS, VOR, Marker Beacon and VHF / UHF communication systems, both commercial and military aircraft. Additionally, this test equipment can be used to check the correctness of the internal GPS receiver inside the hangar, FMCW, pulse altimeters as well as the TACAN / TCAS system.

Radio Test Sets (RTS) verifies all widely represented LMR – Land Mobile Radio standards and technologies, including AM, FM, P25 Phase 1 and 2, TETRA, DMR (MOTOTRBO), NXDN, dPMR and PTC. These instruments contain a test library that allows automatic testing of the most common tactical and commercial radio stations such as Motorola, Hytera, Kenwood…

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