What is hyper automation and how software robots (Robotic Process Automation) can enable this journey to automation with examples of applications in various industries (telecommunications, banking, insurance, government, and large corporations), as well as various organizational units (human resources, finance and accounting, background jobs, …)?

We invite you to join us on December 22 from 2 pm at a virtual seminar organized by IBIS INSTRUMENTS in cooperation with the Association for Digital Transformation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and find out the answer to this question.

Hyper automation as a strategic technological trend No. 1 in 2020 is certainly a topic that needs to be heard. It combines several components of process automation, integrating tools and technologies that enhance the ability to automate work. It starts with the digitalization of business processes, expands through the possibilities of advanced automation with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, and ends with robotic augmentation of manual activities (RPA).

For more details on the virtual seminar “Journey to Hyperautomation with RPA” see the LINK.



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