IFRS 9 Calculation Tool is a robust solution built on regional experience giving practical answers to challenges set by the IFRS 9 standard. Enables an efficient and documented process of impairment calculation. It is flexible to fit every client’s needs and easy-to-use, web-based solution for a challenging topic.

The IFRS 9 Calculation Tool represents practical answers on challenges identified during the first implementation of the IFRS 9 standard. The tool covers the entire calculation process or the impairment part of IFRS 9. The IFRS 9 Calculation tool is tailor-made to fit each client’s needs. It is modular and flexible to cover different methodological approaches.

The IFRS 9 Calculation Tool is also used for:


Quick simulations


Role Management


Planning/budgeting process

The main features are split into the following modules


Staging module

Staging criteria are easy to change with quick simulations show distribution between stages after changing the criteria


ECL calculation module

ECL calculation module based on the staging, ECL is calculated for all accounts
(all 3 stages are calculated for each account)

PD calculation module

A calculation based on the client data using migration matrices (between Days in delay or rating buckets) including FLI and multi-scenario

LGD calculation module

Calculation of LGD based on recovery vintage analysis (depending on the client’s data and methodology).

Reporting module

Predefined reports and dashboards to meet client’s needs for quick or detailed reporting.


Scoring/rating tool (roadmap) – precise determination of credit score for each client, based on the most advanced statistical models

EWS tool (roadmap) –  provides early detection of problematic clients, products and portfolios, as well as tracking of activities taken to return them to the regular risk levels, which directly affects bank profitability.

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