Ibis Instruments Software Development business unit develops innovative software solutions that transforms industries, using cutting edge technologies such as AI/Machine leadning and Big data. We make solutions that bring ‘disruptive innovation’, and give competetive advantage to their users.


Ensure compliance with IFRS 9

Easily meet IFRS disclosure requirements including data storage, calculations, posting, reporting and disclosutre

Control and improve efficiency of Field Operations

Improve upsell
and cross-cell

Recommending system base on machine learning technology.

Reduce number of customer complaints by 10%

Speedup your business by accelerating innovations base on data

Easy to use future-proof data lake concept

IPI – Ibis Performance Insights

solution for end-to-end performance monitoring and analytics of Telco and IT networks – helps to improve quality of network and services, to reduce number of customer complaints to improve efficeinecy of field teams, to reduce number of truck rolls and to improve effects of preventive maintenance.

FOI – Field Operations Insights

solution for centralized monitoring and control of quality of field operations in telco networks. Solution provides analytics over data generated from measurement instruments.

Ibis Banking Analytics – IFRS9

Analytical solution for risk management in banking, with components:

  • IFRS 9 Calculation tool
  • Scoring/rating tool (roadmap)
  • EWS tool (roadmap)

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