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Ibis Instruments supported the 26th Seminar on Radio Communications in Ljubljana

It has become a tradition that the beginning of the year is reserved for noteworthy events at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana. This year, it was the 26th Seminar on Radio Communications held from January 31st to February 2nd, 2024, attended by the most credible regional experts and representatives of the most important companies in this field. Ibis Instruments, as always, contributed to the organization of this important event, which uniquely brings together representatives of the academic community and industry experts.

As one of the most important regional companies in the field of testing and measuring equipment, with almost three decades of experience working on various projects, Ibis Instruments is an active participant in almost all regional academic gatherings. In addition to sponsoring the organization of the SRK, Ibis Instruments utilized its reputation and contacts to enhance this year’s agenda by providing the latest demo equipment and expert speakers from major global companies such as Viavi, Wavecontrol, and ATDI.

Thus, this year the SRK audience had the opportunity to meet Rubén Perdiz from ATDI. During this session, ATDI’s automated spectrum management solutions were presented, precisely addressing every aspect of the spectrum lifecycle. These solutions integrate and automate key management functions, including licensing, engineering analysis, administration, and monitoring.

“I am very pleased that as a regional company, we can make a significant contribution to the development of local markets by using our expertise, dedication, and exchange of experience. SRK is just one example of good practice. I would like to emphasize that on March 14th, we are organizing the 2nd Ibis Seminar in Slovenia, which will cover a significantly wider range of topics and their concrete impact on the development of society,” said Romana Juvančič, Head of Ibis Instruments branch in Slovenia.

Finally, it is important to highlight that in industries where trends change rapidly, such as telecommunications, creating a strong link between the academic or theoretical and practical aspects is crucial. This enables young professionals to learn about the latest real-world examples and upgrade their theoretical knowledge in real-time, which is invaluable for developing new talent.


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