On Friday, June 8th 2018 in country house Stremen in Jakovo, Ibis Instruments company organized with the support of the partner VIAVI Solutions competition assembly for installers, where it gathered a large number of its partners and users. All participants seriously grasped the competition, and the best ones were the fastest who were rewarded. The tasks of the participants were testing on splicer Fujikura 12S and VIAVI Smart OTDR. Of the initially signed 15 participants, the competition ended with 14 of them. The first place was won by Dusan Klista from Gimelnet company with a time of 3 minutes 15 seconds as the fastest. Second place went to Nenad Petrović from TeamEnergo company and third to Stevan Živković from company Kodar Energomontaža. After the competition and the award ceremony, all present enjoyed lunch in a pleasant ambience.

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