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Ibis Instruments launched new custom developed Big Data solution – Ibis Performance Insights

Years of experience in data collection, QoS monitoring and consolidation have led Ibis Instruments to develop E2E performance monitoring and analytics solution (Ibis Performance Insights), optimized for CPE and NE in telco and cable environment. This solution provides reliable service performance information for each and every customer in near real-time, but also insight in overall network health and performance. Robust and scalable, our big data solution is designed to utilize advanced analytical capabilities of the platform in order to provide proactive alarming and advanced real-time root-cause analysis of network problems.

Cloud based or on-premises flexible models are designed to:

  • Help in network planning and optimization
  • Transform your Network Operations Center from traditional reactive-oriented to proactive analytics driven
  • Improve service quality, operations efficiency and customer satisfaction reducing costs and churn.

Network Operations Center transformation

  • CPE continual performance monitoring with all relevant KPIs presented in set of dashboards and reports
  • Trend analysis and early problem detection enables NOC proactive reaction before service is affected
  • Analytics based root-cause analysis of network problems and performance degradation detection
  • Historical data analysis, automation and prevention of future problems identifying causes of service outages
  • Best practices in monitoring of DOCSIS / IPTV environments

Field Operations – increase efficiency and decrease expenses

  • Fast detection of faulted elements in access network
  • Precise localization with Maps and Mobile optimized dashbords presentation
  • Set of troubleshooting tools accelerate problem resolutions

Call Center Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

  • Combined customer experience with network diagnostics in powerful tool for first-line customer care
  • Reliable service performance information in customer oriented views
  • Fast problem isolation distinguishing network from CPE problems
  • Near real-time service quality information and detailed history for each user

Ibis Instruments Performance management solution is focusing on real-time, historical and trend analysis, enabling service providers to draw conclusions and make intelligent decisions. Solution is designed to be scalable and capable to monitor millions of devices, applies advanced analytics to resolve specific problems in telco/cable provider industry and deliver intelligence.


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