Announcement for INFOTECH2019

We invite you to visit INFOTECH 2019, which will be held this year from June 5th to June 6th at the Hotel Izvor in Arandjelovac. In front of Ibis Instruments on June 5th at 11am, presentation will be held by Account Manager Marko Popović on the topi...

05/06/2019 |


We invite you to visit our boot at TECHNOBANK conference where we will be Prime Exhibitor with support of our partner IBM. Also, we invite you to hear our presentation slot where we will talk about Open API - new digital business channel. TECHNOBANK ...

10/04/2019 |

19th Ibis Instruments Seminar

This year's 19th Ibis Instruments Seminar was successfully completed, this time under the slogan "Empowered by Innovation". The seminar was traditionally held at the Danubia Park Hotel on the Silver Lake from 18th - 20th October 2018. The seminar ...

| Seminar

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