In Ibis Instruments we tend to keep our selection process simple and tailor made for every position. These are all the steps of our hiring process:

  1. Application review – once your click submit button on our application form on the website, your CV goes directly to our HR team who carefully reviews it. If your skills, education or previous experience matches any of our open positions (not just the one you applied for), HR will contact you in order to schedule the first interview in our office.
  2. Interview – In your first interview in Ibis Instruments your will meet with our HR professional. Instead of focusing on standard questions anyone can find online, we turn away from examination and turn the interview into friendly conversation. First we will tell your our story and then we will discuss your professional interests, achievements and choices.
  3. Technical challenge – Ff you applied for junior or medior positions in our IT team and you passed the first interview, we will send your our technical challenge. We have different tasks for different teams and different positions. You will get all the instructions and materials needed from us and enough to complete it. Once you finished your task successfully you will meet with our team leader or future mentor who will be in the second interview together with HR professional.
  4. Offer -We tend to have no more than 2 interviews per position. Once we have seen all the candidates we make our final decision. If you are selected for the job, our HR professional will give you the offer, and if you agree on it, onboarding process starts.


In case you didn’t get selected for the job, you will definitely hear from HR team as we take time to send feedback to all the candidates who participated in the selection process, and don’t get discouraged. We keep your application for future openings.

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