As soon you say yes to our offer, we start with preparing you for your day 1 in Ibis Instruments. Onboarding of each employee is well prepared. Most important person in your onboarding process is your mentor. In order to become a mentor, our colleagues participate in mandatory training for mentors. Mentor will help your get around during first days, but also he or she will give you plan, first task and feedback. Direct managers and HR team are there to support you so get adjusted to your new workplace.

During onboarding process we have monthly evaluations in which evaluations team leader, mentor, HR and new employee get together to discuss about impressions, task, progress, motivation of the new employee. This is another opportunity to exchange feedback and ideas.

There is also a social aspect of every onboaring process. It is valuable for a person to get to know everybody in a company, not just peers in the teams they work, but also people in different departments That is why HR team designed special programs which will make it easier for your to meet other colleagues and hear how and when they joined the company and more about their career in Ibis Instruments.

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